Bag Filters

JXC™ Series

Pleated Bag Filter Replacements

JXC Series elements are high efficiency, “inside-to-outside” flow, pleated liquid filtration bag replacement cartridges designed for applications with high flow requirements.

By significantly increasing the surface area in original baskets, incorporating multiple layers of media, and adding a true gasket seal; our unique pleated bag design provides increase efficiency, for longer life, and superior dirt holding capacity compared to a standard bag design.

JPLX™ Series

Conical Pleated Bag FilterReplacement

Jonell Systems JPLX series are coreless cartridges with inside to out flow, designed for a wide range of applications including particulate removal from water and amine applications. The cartridge is pleated with an epoxy coated screen improving structural integrity from installation to removal.

Ideal for solid-liquid separation, this coreless cartridge delivers effective single pass filtration for batch and drumming applications.

JBAG™ Series

Bag Filter Elements

Leading our economy class filters, Jonell Systems JBAG Series synthetic bag style filters can reduce total filtration costs.

JBAG Series filters have a service life up to four times longer than conventional bag filters. Available in polypropylene and polyester, as well as, other media for special applications.