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Proven Filtration Solutions for Complex Refinery Applications

Maximize contaminant removal, minimize maintenance downtime and extend the life of equipment with customized filtration solutions.

Our high-performance filtration solutions are proven to improve reliability, efficiency and profitability for refinery and petrochemical applications worldwide.

Our filtration solutions include:

Filter housings. Leverage the benefits of oil and gas filter housings which lead the industry in quality, reliability, and durability.

Filter cartridges. Let our experts help you select the right filter for your specific applications, contaminants and operational demands.

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Benefits of Jonell Systems Filtration Solutions

Maximize refining efficiency and performance

Fluid streams that are free of contaminants will help achieve more efficient reactions for a higher quality end-product and minimal product waste. Jonell Systems’ advanced filtration solutions are engineered to maximize contaminant removal for a truly streamlined operation. They remove contaminants from feed streams and fluid recirculation processes to improve refining efficiency.

Improve availability and reliability of operations

A custom-designed filtration system can seriously impact the availability and reliability of operations. Our advanced filtration solutions are designed to meet the most demanding petroleum applications, while reducing the frequency of filter maintenance activities. The result is better availability and reliability of operations, with lower operating costs. Filter elements are available in a wide variety of materials including: polyester, polypropylene, cotton, nylon, Teflon®, Nomex®, metals, micro-fiberglass, resin-bonded cellulose, and more.

Extend the life of capital equipment

Whether in alkylation, feedstock filtration, caustic treatment or other refining processes, contaminants can cause long-term damage to equipment with expensive repercussions. Our filtration solutions are designed to maximize contaminant capture to reduce the risk of equipment failure and ultimately extend the life of equipment. They prevent contaminants from damaging equipment further downstream and eliminate the costs of unscheduled maintenance and operational downtime.

Engineered to meet your rigorous plant requirements.

Properly designed and implemented filtration equipment is paramount for the protection of your critical processes. That’s why we take the time to understand your challenges and unique application needs. Then, we draw on over three decades of experience, best-in-class resources and technology to develop a solution that best suits your needs.

Refinery Filtration Applications

With 35+ years’ experience in innovative filtration technology, we design and manufacture advanced filtration solutions for a variety of refining applications.

Aromatic fractionation or BTX extraction involves removing contaminants from extraction solvents like sulfolane.

A key concern in this application is safety of the employees and prevention of exposure to hot toxic substance. Solid particulates cause foaming, resulting in reduced process flow and the injection of costly foaming inhibitors to regain control. Fouling also occurs from excessive particulate concentrations which reduces operating efficiencies in distillation and recovery towers, heat exchangers, and other downstream equipment.

Jonell Systems recommends Horizontal High Flow vessels for liquid filtration combined with our LiquiPleat Series pleated glass or Nomex cartridges for high temperature applications.

BTX Applications Data Sheet

Delayed coking involves removal of coke fines and solid contaminants from the process feed. High solids loading including semi solids makes this a challenging application. The contaminants need to be removed to protect downstream catalyst beds and process equipment such as heat exchangers and feed furnaces.

Jonell Systems has a wide range of Liquid Filtration solutions for delayed coking including Backwashable ProGuard Series filter systems, Horizontal High flow vessels with either the LiquiPleat JHT or the JHF series and Fabricated K Series strainers.

Delayed Coking Applications Data Sheet

As the hydrocracking takes place, sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen are removed, and olefins are saturated changing the feed to lighter products. A big challenge for customers is maintaining the run life on catalyst beds at minimal cost. This application requires particulate contaminant removal from the hydrocracker feed to protect the catalyst bed in the reactors.

Jonell Systems recommends pre-filtration using Horizontal High flow vessels with LiquiPleat JHT or JHF Series cartridges along with Backwashable ProGuard Series filter systems to protect the catalyst bed and reactor.


Hydrocracking Applications Data Sheet

As the hydrotreating takes place, sulfur and nitrogen are removed. It is important to remove particulate from the hydrotreater feed to protect the catalyst bed in the reactors and maintain the run life on catalyst beds at minimal cost.

Jonell Systems recommends pre-filtration using Horizontal High flow vessels with LiquiPleat JHT or JHF Series Liquid filter cartridges along with Backwashable ProGuard Series filter systems to protect the catalyst bed and reactor.


Hydrotreating Applications Data Sheet

Particulate and liquid contaminants need to be removed from the natural gas stream to protect the burner tips. Failure to remove contaminants causes burner tip fouling and off spec emissions which can lead to fines for plants.

Jonell Systems recommends a horizontal or vertical gas coalescer  based on the applications details with our brand new high efficiency TRI-SHiELD media cartridges.

Low NoX Burner Applications

Low-NOx Burner Applications Data Sheet

To produce renewable biodiesel from animal fat, it is important to pre-filter the tallow feedstock to remove particulate from the liquid prior to the feedstock entering the hydrotreater. This is a highly temperature sensitive process with very high solids removal.

Jonell Systems recommends basket strainers, high flow vessels with pleated bags, pressure leaf filters for solids removal followed by high flow vessels with high flow cartridge-based filters for finer particulate removal and polishing.

Renewable diesel – Tallow Filtration Applications Datasheet

This application involves removing particulate and liquid contaminants from the incoming tail gas feed and removing amine carry over from the outgoing sweet gas. Further, particulate and hydrocarbons need to be filtered from the amine process stream.

The challenge is the variable contaminant loading of the sour tail gas coming into the plant which can cause upsets in the amine system.

Jonell Systems has filtration solutions to address all the gas and liquid filtration needs of this application. We recommend a Gas Separator or scrubber for particulate removal followed by a gas coalesce with TRI-SHiELD media filter cartridges and Liquid particulate filter with LiquidPleat JHF/JHFO filter cartridges and a carbon vessel to protect the amine.

PTG Gas Sweetening

Gas Sweetening Applications Data Sheet

  • Final Products Filtration – Stop contaminants, such as rust, scales, solids, and suspended water, from damaging equipment and lowering product specifications.
  • Glycol Contactor Protection – Prevent hydrocarbons or amine aerosols and solids from contaminating the glycol system, which can result in foaming, solvent losses, and off-specification gas.
  • Compressor Protection – Prevent condensable hydrocarbons, water and solids from reducing the viscosity of lube oil and damage pistons due to increased friction.
  • Molecular Sieve Drier Protection – Increase cycle time between regeneration of the molecular sieve drier and extend the bed life.
  • Condensate Dewatering – Provide hydrocarbon condensate with low water content to avoid corrosion problems in export pipelines and prevent off-specification final product.
  • Stabilization Plant Protection – Prevent free water and solids from entering the fractionation column, which could result in corrosion and salts and solids deposits.
  • Rich Amine Treatment – Improve the reliability of the amine regenerator by removing liquid hydrocarbons and solids.
  • Amine Contactor Protection Boiler Feed Water
  • Feedstock Filtration
  • Hydraulic and Lubricating Fluids Oily Water Treatment
  • Polymer Process Water Filtration Pre-filtration of Reactor Feed
  • Streams Production
  • Transfer Protection Quench Water Filtration
  • Turbo Machinery Protection Wastewater Treatment

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