Delayed Coking

Delayed coking filters remove coke fines and solid contaminants from the process feed.

The key benefit of delayed coking is full conversion of heavy residual oils, such as vacuum resid, to lighter products. This allows refiners to increase profit margins by processing lower-cost, heavier crude slates. Light products from the delayed coker are further treated in other process units to produce transportation fuels, such as gasoline and diesel.

High velocities are maintained in the furnaces in order to prevent significant coke formation. The reactions continue as the process stream moves to the coke drums. The coking reaction rate drops dramatically as coke-drum temperature decreases and coke is deposited in the
drums to be collected and sold.

The vapor is routed to the fractionator, where it is condensed and fractionated into product streams – typically fuel gas, LPG, naphtha, distillate, and gas oil. Solid and liquid contaminants enter the fractionated products as coke fines and injected steam. The removal of both particulates and water is required to meet final product specifications and feedstock requirements.

High solids loading including semi solids makes this a challenging application. The contaminants need to be removed to protect downstream catalyst beds and process equipment such as heat exchangers and feed furnaces.

Filter SolutionFilter PurposeFilter Benefit
01 – 03*Backwashable ProGuard Series filter systems or Replaceable LiquiPleat HF Series.Removal of coke fines and solid contaminants.Protect liquid coalescers and downstream equipment. Maintain final product and feedstock specifications.
04 – 06Phase-LOK™ or Phase-PUR™ Series Liquid/Liquid Coalescers.Removal of liquid contaminates from the final product.Protection of downstream equipment. Maintain final product and feedstock specifications.
07 Micro-LOK™ or Micro-DEP™ Series Gas/Liquid Coalescers.Removal of liquid and solid contaminants from fuel gas.Improved burner efficiency, longer service life, and reduced maintenance costs.

*A wide range of absolute and nominal pre-filters and filters are available to meet specific process applications. To answer more questions about filtration applications, replacement needs, or help troubleshooting process issues, contact an approved Filtration Group® representative or Filtration Group® direct.

Filtration Solutions for Delayed Coking

Jonell Systems has a wide range of solutions for filtration in Delayed coking. These include:

Advantages of Jonell Systems Delayed Coking Filters

  • Jonell Systems offers end to end solution giving you the advantage of sourcing the complete filtration solution from one provider.
  • In addition, because of the vast range of solutions and custom engineering capabilities, Jonell Systems can recommend and implement the right solution for your process.
  • For the Delayed coking application, we offer both Backwashable solutions and high flow solutions. These can be implemented based on your process needs.
  • Leverage our expertise in this application to evaluate backwasable automated systems with minimal touchpoints, no employee exposure, minimum maintenance against Highflow solutions which maybe needed if the feed has high asphaltene (semi-solids) content.
  • We also offer pre-filtration to optimize the efficiency of the backwash systems.

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