Jonell Systems has a strong legacy of innovation and new filtration solutions development coming from Jonell, Nowata/ Mahle and JXP.

Here is some of our latest filtration technology.

HT Series

Cartridges designed to filter solid particulates down to 0.5 microns from gas oil and other high temperature hydrocarbon feed streams with a maximum continuous temperature of 425 deg F in refinery applications.


SentinelTL™ is the Gate Keeper to your critical processes. Properly designed and implemented filtration equipment is paramount for the protection of your critical processes.


Automated Back Wash Refinery Feed Filter Systems. The ProGuard Series automatic backflushing filter is specifically designed for the robust requirements of refinery streams.


New Depth Filtration Media Technology. Shield your downstream equipment with our new TRI-SHiELD Media technology -Tri-Lobal Spiral High Efficiency Long-Life Depth Filtration Platform