Pricing Notification 12/08/2023

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for partnering with us through two back-to-back record-breaking years in a row. You are the most important part of Jonell Systems.

As a result of the explosive growth seen in the beginning of this year, we made a number of significant investments to continue that mutual growth and ensure we deliver the best customer experience possible. Those investments include a 65% increase in factory capacity which now make us THE best average delivery times in the industry with plenty of room to grow (test us on that!). We are also in the process of building a bigger/better world class testing and training facility to support everything from new product development to supporting end users in the field.

While accomplishing this and much more, Jonell Systems continuously explores courses of action to minimize the impacts of increasing costs. Although we are certainly still experiencing raw material increases, we are happy to say they are returning to a more manageable pace.
People costs on the other hand do continue to rise significantly.

The resulting price increase on all product lines this year will be up to 7% this year effective January 1, 2024. Furthermore, quotations provided prior to January 1, 2024 will become invalid.

Thanks again for being a valued customer and for your understanding. We look forward to a fantastic 2024 year.

As always, your team at Jonell Systems stands ready to assist with any questions.

Warm Regards, Jonell Systems