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Filtration Optimization

Filtration Optimization: Process improvement

In your operations, while the current filtration process may be working, some red flags that indicate filtration optimization may be necessary include:

  • Process issues like foaming, off spec product, high BTU necessary for heater performance
  • Frequent changeout of elements caused by operational changes or any of the above scenarios
  • Elements lasting forever is another issue. Elements are consumable items and if they aren’t building differential pressure then they may have collapsed or may not be sealing properly. This leads to other issues downstream that most likely will increase the total cost of ownership/operation.
  • Inability to track differential pressure (DP) or spikes indicate issues.  A spike in DP that returns to normal operations and is lower than before can indicate a ruptured element. For example, elements running at 4 psid for 3 weeks experience a spike to 25 psid and back down operating at 2 psid requires investigation. Adding a dp gauge with a tattletale can be an effective way to monitor these types of spikes in differential pressure.

Read more about selecting the right element in this article.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a filtration partner:

  1. Consistency of supply: consider the availability of elements and the amount of stock your supplier has on the shelf to be able to manage any upset conditions like poor quality of feed leading to more frequent element change outs.
  2. Range of options available: work with suppliers who have a wide range of solutions readily available, so the recommendations are based on what is best for your process and not based on what the supplier has available.
  3. Overall process optimization: work with suppliers who look at the entire process and can provide a wholistic customized solution since sometimes the best solution can range from a small tweak to a filter element, or a temporary vessel to get you through a current upset, to the installation of new vessel to achieve the required efficiency. Working with a vendor who can provide multiple types of medias, end cap configurations, and specialty adhesives will allow the processor a wide range of filtration options to optimize the filtration to their application.

Jonell Systems, a Process Technologies brand, partners with oil & gas companies to understand their challenges, drawing on our decades of filtration experience to identify any issues or optimization opportunities.

We address filtration and separation needs of customers worldwide to enhance operational efficiency and decrease maintenance costs by providing innovative elements (cartridges) with multiple media options and well-designed housings (vessels) to go with them.

Explore our extensive range of elements or get in touch to organize an obligation free filtration optimization consultation today! This optimization consultation includes:

  • A visit to your plant or a detailed phone conversation
  • We will discuss your current process
  • We flag any potential issues
  • We highlight opportunities for optimization
  • We share industry best practice

To schedule, a time that works for you, fill in the form on this page and we will get in touch to set a mutually convenient time.

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